Guru Gobind Singh Ji

Gurudwra Mata Sahib Kaur Ji
This Gurudwara is situated in between Gurdwara Shikar Ghat Sahib and Gurdwara Hira Ghat Sahib.
Here Mata Sahib Kaur Ji, the wife of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji had meditated for long time in previous birth and when Guru Gobind Singh Ji came to Nanded, she used to meditate again at the holy site
Guru Ji after day long travels and hunting would come to this place and take lunch. From that time the Langar or free kitchen is served at this Gurudwara.Mata Sahib Kour Ji, afterwards left for Delhi and took away some weapons of Guru Sahib for daily worship and departed for her heavenly abode there.


Nihang Singh Wala Bunga
This Gurudwara is situated in the western side of the Langar Sahib and on the other side of the Gurudwara Nagina Ghat at about 50 yards. This is the prakash place of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Guruji's dearest army nihang singhs use to live here. There is a bit of land detached to this Bunga which is being looked after by the gurmukhs themselves.

Gurudwara Nanak Jheera Sahib, Bidar
This Gurudwara Nanak Jheera Sahib is situated in a small town named Bidar in Karnataka state around 200 km. away from Sachkhand Sahib. Sri Guru
Nanak Dev Ji visited this place after completing his voyage to Nanakpuri. On the request of the local people Guru Nanak Dev Ji created a fountain by touching his right foot on the mountain which is flowing as it was flowing then.
On taking rest for sometime at this place Guru Ji went to watch Makkasharif on the request of Bhai Mardana. Fakir Shah Sharaf who with his students was going for Haj had conversation with Guru Ji and he apologized for his mistakes. In the absence of khalsa at this place, this place was under the rule of Nizam the muslim. The Sikhs fought for this in the court for a long time in the Hyderabad Court. At the end the khalsa won the case. At present there is a beautiful sarovar, number of rooms in the campus of this Gurudwara. There is also a hospital named Guru Nanak Hospital.
This place is beautiful and enchanting. The grave of Mai Bhago Ji is in the village of Zanwada about 6 miles from Bidar.

Gurudwara Dhawani Mahalla , Aurangabad
Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji sent the Zafarnama to Aurangazeb through the hands of Bhai Daya Singh Ji and Bhai Dharam Singh Ji from Deena village. At that time Aurangazeb took halt at this place for some days. The respectable Pyare of Khalsa Panth reached Aurangabad and where here for 6 months and returned after handing over the Zafarnama to the Badshah.

Dehura Naam Dev Ji
This Gurudwara refreshes memory of Baba Namdev Ji in our mind.Still the door of this temple is bent on the other side. This place is near Chaundi Station in Hingoli District. There is a rail route from Purna in this place. This temple is also called by the name Aundha Nagnath.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji