Guru Gobind Singh Ji

Must Read

We must read the Gurbani, but it is also necessary to do Simran. By recalling God's name everything can be obtained.
We must recall God's name ourselves; like a person who eats food himself, gets satisfaction ultimately.
We must recall God's name with tongue. Then only that gets entered into out heart.
By doing Simran the dirt of our mind get washed, then that person hesitates to do wrong deeds.
By recalling God's name one gets solemn. By doing Simran, changes takes place in a person's mind; if it's not happening it means that Simran has not been done by heart.
We must not avoid taking God's name. If you gorget it then you must pray to God.
When you do Simran lonely, you must pray so loud that your ears can hear it and it must reach your soul.
By doing Simran the results we get are always positive and our thinking power get broad.
Very few people in this world know the value of repeating God's name.
The person who does Simran must have patience, satisfaction and politeness.
By repeating God's name, devine power is obtained, but one who consistently remembers the God never show off himself.
For doing Simran all time is good, but early in the morning we get more benefit. The reading and listening of Gurbani should be done in day time.
If we like recalling God's name again and again that means Simran is taking place and dirt of our heart is removing.
We should concentrate our heart in God, by closing eyes. We must stop our soul from getting diverted.
As far as possible we must sit straight while doing Simran.
Even though our soul gets diverted we must not leave doing Simran. Those persons who carry on doing prayer will get positive results one day.


Guru Nanak Dev Ji